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Affordable LiveScan provide fingerprinting service for back ground clearances for variety industries and reasons. 

Affordable LiveScan Operators CANNOT modify the information on your “Request for Livescan” application.   If hey are unable to process your fingerprints due to incomplete or inaccurate information, you will be notified and will be require to make the changes on your form prior to service.

YOU are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your "Request for Livescan" form.  If  you have questions, please contact your employer or licensing agency that provided you the form.

The Contributing Agency identified on the “Request for Livescan” application has specified the “Level  of Service” for your background check.  The Department of Justice (DOJ), FBI, and other fees that are required for some applicants are NON-NEGOTIABLE.  These Level-of-Service fees are set by the respective agencies, NOT by us. 

If you pay the fees indicated by the DOJ system, you are agreeing that once the fingerprinting is  done, your prints are IMMEDIATELY transmitted to the Department of Justice.  Once that transmission begins, there can be no refund issued.

If you receive notification from the DOJ that your information or fingerprints were unacceptable, bring that letter back in with a replacement "Request for Livescan Service" form and we will resubmit your prints.  If information was not provided or provided incorrectly on your application for submission, you will be charge a service for reprocessing including any DOJ level of Service Fees.  If the fingerprint transmission was unacceptable, or the operator did not input the information provided on your application when you were originally scanned, this service will be provide at no charge.